Tout est possible...

“I try to surf with people better than me as motivation, to push me to grow. I watch some of the top girls and try to work out their strategies, what type of maneuvers score them the highest points, and then I build that into my own performances.” 

- Pauline Ado

Had some time the other day to walk around with one of Frances golden girls, Pauline Ado. Coming from a family with no surf background, Pauline paved the way for herself as well as her home country by becoming the first surfer to win a world title for France.



A Day with Bianca Buitendag

"My heart thrives when I see people reach their full potential or when someone breaks through the oppression of its circumstances. I keep my eyes and heart wide open. I long for adventure, love the unexpected and the unlikely." - Bianca Buitendag

Spent the day with this gem of a human. Picked up some CI boards and Roxy suits for the US Open and also took a quick surf. Here are some captures to show the day.




With the hands of a craftsman as well as a heart of a true family man. Beau Irvine, is shaping the future for himself through Piety Surfboards. If you are in the Newport Beach area and want to talk shop or just soak up some knowledge, talk to Beau. Check out his site and drop him a line here:



Ty Mattson

Work hard and then go play hard. Or if you are Ty Mattson, you play hard where you work hard. Had the absolute pleasure of hanging out with Ty Mattson a few weeks ago at his studio over in Irvine. This guy has a ton of passion for what he does as well as knowledge about his craft. With a studio that can inspire just about anyone, it's hard to leave without having a creative idea. 

Drop him a line and check out his work at: 




It's hard to appreciate Americas history until you visit the place where it all began. Here are some shots from a recent trip to Philadelphia this past month.



US Open

New friends and new faces. This year at the US Open a lot of pictures were taken and some good friends were made. Here are a few images of the experience. 



Overcast and Perfect

Sometimes walls are a good thing. Capturing what South Orange County has to offer. 



Walled up and cloudy one day in Laguna Beach



The Aloha spirit is alive and well on the North Shore of Oahu. I recently took a trip to Hawaii, and Thinh Nguyen (pictured) volunteered to house me during my stay. Coolest guy, amazing family, and an incredible place. I’ll be back, until then…



Senior Year

It’s that time of the year again, caps, gowns and of course, photos are upon us. Haley Bell, reminding us all to smile because life just keeps getting better. Congrats!




Lowers (n.) A California staple, breeding ground for cutbacks, spray, and above the lip antics.

Always exciting to shoot the pros or locals absolutely ripping at this iconic location. Stay frothing friends.



Pro surfer Ricky Schaffer