Bianca Buitendag // Sunset Swim

With an early exit out of the US Open, Bianca found that she had a lot of free time on her hands. On one of those days, the rules were quite simple: No surf talk, and no watching of the contest. We filled the day with talks about life, naps and more naps. Later on, we decided to end the day with a sunset body surf. Here are the images from that afternoon. 



The Silver Spike // Bianca Buitendag

"I write in order to turn the unknown and questions of confusion into an image as I lay down the pieces of a puzzle on random areas of a surface. I write so that when I return to the previous perspective, I am fascinated by the way a landscape starts to shape as the ends of the puzzle pieces shift nearer and nearer..." - Bianca Buitendag

Fun times were had this past week while the tour was here in San Clemente. Coming in named as the dark horse for the Swatch Womens Pro, Bianca Buitendag comes through with a 2nd place. Coming up quickly in the rankings, Bianca is currently in the 4th spot on the world tour but is looking to move up over the next few events. Here are some captures from the event with the legend herself. 



A Day with Bianca Buitendag

"My heart thrives when I see people reach their full potential or when someone breaks through the oppression of its circumstances. I keep my eyes and heart wide open. I long for adventure, love the unexpected and the unlikely." - Bianca Buitendag

Spent the day with this gem of a human. Picked up some CI boards and Roxy suits for the US Open and also took a quick surf. Here are some captures to show the day.