She is filled with Grace // Bianca Buitendag

From what I have learned, trials only act as a chance for a hope to grow, to be more than words or an idea.
— Bianca Buitendag

She resembles a sunflower, standing tall and content, with nothing but the sun shining over her. She radiates love from her heart with only a slight gaze in your direction. When she smiles at you, your worries disappear. Her laugh is deep, but her compliments towards others are deeper. She is powerful, yet she is humble. She dances to her own beat, but always invites others to join her. While she lives the life of a competitor, her caring towards others is constant. Slow to anger, quick in kindness and always loving. She is filled with Grace. 

Times were tough on the island of Maui for Bianca Buitendag. With an underdog performance that went through to the quarter finals of the event, Bianca found herself without a spot on the WSL Championship tour in 2017. Though her circumstances seem grim, her attitude and outlook is positive. In order for Bianca to have made the tour next year, she would have to have won the entire event on Maui. That being said, you would never have guessed that was the case by how she was carrying herself throughout her time on the island. She was in a constant state of happiness and worry free. She was herself. 

Here are a group of photos from some time spent with the sunflower herself.