Photo by:  Danny Tayenaka

Photo by: Danny Tayenaka

Tim Kothlow

San Clemente, CA


Coming from a family that would spend the winter season in dry, hot, landlocked Riverside and summer in the paradise of Laguna Beach, Tim grew up with a love and deep appreciation for the ocean. Riverside supplied Tim with an endless longing for wanting to be in the salt water, while Laguna fulfilled his need for the ocean and so much more. Having that constant need to be in the ocean led Tim to his love of surfing and the culture that was associated with it. He would look through magazines like Surfer and Transworld Surf and become captivated by the imagery of surfing and the exotic places shown. After a random placement in a Photoshop/Illustrator class his junior year of high school, and some dabbling in the schools photo club, Tim knew that he wanted to be a surf photographer. Since then, he never looked back. 

In his free time, you can find Tim surfing a local break in Orange County, hanging with some of the girls on tour or collaborating with some friends at a local coffee shop. More recently, Tim has been working on building a content creation company that will be launching in the very near future. You can check out the project here


Brand Clients:

- Hurley

- Sun Bum

- Billabong

- Roxy

- 7Twelve Marketing

- Target

- Quest Diagnostics

- 2nd Floor Creative

- MD Live

- MAW Surfboards

- Prism Sport

People/Athlete Clients:

- Rachael Tilly

- Reef Heazlewood

- Carissa Moore

- Bianca Buitendag

- Isabella Nichols

- Caroline Marks

- Malia Manuel

- Leila Hurst

- Kiana Fores

- Johanne Defay


- American Advertising Award: Silver

- 1st Place ACP/CMA Photo Contest


- SURFER Magazine

- Australian Surfing World

- Tracks Magazine

- Novelle Vague

- Pursuit Magazine

- The Surf Channel

- Sincerely, Kindred